About the Blogger


My name is Maude Leigh and I am the founder and content creator at Different Drum.

I am originally from a small town in California’s Central Valley, but I’ve lived all over Northern and Southern California.

My husband, our two kids, and I currently live in the forest in the San Bernardino Mountains in Southern California – though we consider ourselves to be citizens of California.  On any given day you will find us in a car with our labradoodle, driving up Highway 99 to Northern California, or East to Joshua Tree.

This blog is my notebook.  It is my space to explore artists of the past and present, stories of the vintage and antique objects I was raised to treasure, and to write about the small towns and cities we explore in this beautiful state we call home.

If you or anyone you know sounds like they might be a good fit for an interview with Different Drum, please drop me a line using the contact form.  I love to meet and interview new people!

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