Aquamarine Rings and the Alternative Gemstone Wedding Ring Revolution


Since Prince Harry presented Meghan Markle with that gorgeous, large aquamarine ring as a wedding gift, the world of antique jewelry collectors has been going a little crazy for aquamarine rings. And rightfully so. The blue stone is dreamy, watery, and full of symbolism.

Originally commission by Diana shortly after her separation from Prince Charles, the ring now worn by Meghan Markle was designed by Asprey of London. This jeweler is the same one responsible for the aquamarine jewelry in Claire Dane’s all blue Oscars look in 1997.

Asprey’s Daisy Collection leaves even the most minimalist jewelry lover pining for a spray of aquamarine daisy petals and diamonds. But this jeweler wasn’t the first to capture women’s hearts with the watery blue stone.

Antique jewels from the 1940s era abound with examples of this stone in incredible Art Deco settings. Many of those antique rings, even the large cocktail beauties, are being repurposed as wedding rings and gifts. The rich symbolism of the stone lends itself perfectly to the purpose.

The name “aquamarine,” means “means water of the sea,” a name that had its beginnings in the early 1700s. The stone is a beryl and has that deep watery look as if one is gazing into a clear tropical ocean. Because of this, the stone was thought by some ancient cultures to be a treasure from the mermaids.

This stone is also symbolic of courage and communication and is a traditional gift from a husband to a wife at the consummation of their marriage.

The blue beryl has traditionally been set in white metal such as platinum and white gold to accent the cool colors of the stone. Today’s trends also see it paired with rose gold settings and Meghan Markle’s ring is done in yellow gold.

If you love the white gold rings and are looking for an alternative engagement or wedding ring, a vintage aquamarine ring might just fit the bill. Aquamarine gemstones tend to have nice clarity and cost significantly less than diamonds, adding to their appeal.

The stone sits at 7.5-8 on the hardness scale, meaning that they are durable enough for jewelry but will not withstand hard wear. If you are someone who is careful with your jewelry, this stone will withstand regular wear and be beautiful for years to come.

I can tell you, from my personal experience wearing an aquamarine and diamond wedding ring, that with minimal care, the ring stays looking nice. I clean it in a cup of warm water and mild dish soap every once in a while and it stays sparkling and beautiful.

These days, it is not unusual to see women with colored gemstone engagement and wedding rings. For those women with the courage and taste to be different, the dreamy aquamarine ranks amongst the most desireable of gemstones.

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