Drum Roll 3/23

Orange California poppies and purple wildflowers blooming after a rainy winter.
California poppies. (Photo by Doug Dolde/Wiki)

The sun is shining after a long, dark winter.  Finally.

My husband and I are calling this month “Fun March,” and are making the most of all the sunshine-filled activities we can.  Our adventures thus far have consisted of a hike in Joshua Tree National Park, a trip to Disneyland, and camping at the Starry Nites music festival in Santa Barbara.

March is all about sunshine, music, wildflowers, and fun.

Over the past few months of writing and gathering inspiration for this blog, I’ve collected a few things I want to share with you.  My goal is to do one of these Drum Roll list posts once a month, where I will share some things that have been feeding my imagination and inspiration.

BRAIN PICKINGS Brainpickings.org is a website dedicated to weaving bits of knowledge and culture together.  In doing so, the author creates a well-curated “discovery engine for interestingness.”  On any given day, you will find posts on Tchaikovsky, Jorge Luis Borges, Jack White, and other interesting characters and culture.  The force behind the site, Maria Popova, is Bulgarian by birth and driven by a relentless need to learn.  Lucky for us, her learning process includes writing!  For a deeper look into the author and her process, read the interview at Copy Blogger.

HEIRLOOM PIECES I am terrible at shopping big box stores.  I think it has something to do with the fact that I was raised by an antique dealer, and so was she, making me a third generation collector of old, beautiful, good quality, and (often) handcrafted goods.  Because a plastic, crappy thingamajig often lasts only a fraction of the time as a good quality thingamajig, it makes sense to invest in the good quality one.  This is especially true when it comes to this list of thingamajigs provided by Apartment Therapy.  The two items on this list that have my heart are rugs and handcrafted ceramics.

Macrame Wallhanging by The Reedsmith @thereedsmithwoods
Macrame Wallhanging by The Reedsmith

THE REEDSMITH ON INSTAGRAM – This Instagram feed is by artist Tanika R. Reed.  It features gorgeous photos of her hand-woven, macrame wall hangings, along with real-life shots of her beautiful family and their dreamy home.  It is a stunning look at a handcrafted lifestyle based in nature and family.

FREE WILDFLOWER SEEDS FROM CHEERIOS – I have been madly researching where the best wildflower blooms are going to happen in California this Spring.  Now that the drought is over, I’m hoping for some dramatic displays of color on which to practice my amateur photography!  Needless to say, I was thrilled to see that Cheerios partnered with Vesey’s to give away 1.5 million wildflower seeds, completely free, in order to help nurture our population of honey bees.







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