The First-Ever Etsy Design Awards – The Etsies!


You, dear reader, would know I was lying if I said I didn’t spend part of every day on Etsy. As someone who has had run two Etsy shops, I really got to know and LOVE the community there.

When I need something for my home, whether a handmade pottery mug or a vintage watercolor painting to hang on my freshly painted fireplace (true stories!) – I always hit up Etsy first. There is nothing quite like the magic of handmade and vintage creations.

It seems society at large is also rediscovering the benefits of shopping with independent makers and business owners.

Handmade and vintage finds are usually much better quality than the same type of item in a big box store. This makes that perfect Etsy find an investment in beauty AND longevity.

Much to the delight of shoppers and sellers alike, Etsy has announced its first-ever design awards to celebrate the creativity of Etsy entrepreneurs – The Etsies!

There are 160 competition finalists hailing from all over the globe. The contestants are divided into five categories: Signature Style, Inventive Decor, Earth-Friendly, Festive Celebrations, and Creative Collaborations.

There will be one winner in each category and one grand prize winner. The big prize up for grabs is a whopping $15,000 and an Etsy trophy.

The judging panel is also rife with talent, featuring well-known interior designers, writers, style experts, and fashion designers. Be sure to check out this post over at the Etsy blog to read about the judges who are each inspiring in their own right.

I do not envy the judges their responsibility though. Choosing from this pool of talent seems next to impossible! The winners will be announced in September of 2019.

This event is a great opportunity to discover some new favorite makers. Be sure to head on over to the event page to check out the finalists and maybe find a treasure for your home!

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