Vintage Portrait Paintings of Women You’ve Never Met


If you’ve explored modern interior design blogs in the past couple of years, you’ve probably noticed the vintage portrait painting trend.

In 19th Century English literature, fancy homes are often described as having large portrait paintings of the head of the family or some other important family figure. The commission of a portrait during this era was an indication of one’s wealth.

Since photography is now much more common than portrait painting, these days we hang pictures of our family instead of paintings – a much more accessible and affordable form of art.

This latest interior design trend sees hip homes decorated with vintage oil paintings of strangers. These unlikely characters give the adorned space a quirky feel. It also gives the owner of the space an opportunity to entertain her guests with tales about an imaginary Great Aunt Gertrude, a pastime I would definitely enjoy.

I personally love the idea of decorating my mantle with a portrait of a stranger from some bygone era. It would truly have the be the perfect person, facial expression and colors. I am picky about these things.

So, needless to say, it has not happened yet, and I still have vintage embroidery hanging above the fireplace. Not my fave but it will do until I find that perfect gal to preside over our cozy winter nights.

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